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Instructor: Jennifer Townsend Auge

A 12 week course from (two optional time slots)

June 4th through August 20th on Tuesday nights from 6pm to 8pm.

June 8th through August 24th on Saturday Morning from 8am to 10am.

This watercolor class will help you learn watercolor painting through the experience of painting textures such as wood grain, glass, metal, fruits and vegetables, plants, water, seashells and rocks, a woven texture (basket), clouds, and animal fur or feathers or scales. This class can be a great learning experience for the beginner or a good practice for the artist who has some experience painting and wants to discover some new challenges and skills. It is very helpful if the student knows basic sketching skills. At the end of the series of classes, you should feel confident to create any painting which will include any of or a variety of these textures.

What you will need to bring:
A small (i.e. 9”x12” watercolor paper tablet), 25 sheets or more.
A variety of paintbrushes including a large and small round brush, a large and small flat brush, a
line brush (small for detail)
A combination of red, yellow and blue paints. You can create your own greens, greys and
browns using red, yellow and blue. You are also welcome to use a watercolor pan set, however, in the beginning you will be mixing your own colors using only red, yellow and blue. 
Paper Towel
Cup for water
A variety of sketch pencils with hard and soft lead
Plastic or porcelain pallet tray (preferably with a lid)
Fun attitude

The class will be a fun and casual approach to improving skills as a watercolor artist. There is no right or wrong - just exploration and learning and growth. My style as an artist is realism and trying to capture as much detail as I can but still presenting the loose watercolor flow and letting the paint do its thing. I will teach you how I look at the subject and go about creating it on the paper. You can mimic my style or explore and create your own. l am looking forward to a variety of talents and experience as well as a variety of styles from the artists in the class. At the beginning of each class, I will do a brief presentation, showing how I sketch the subject
matter, How I go about painting it, then ask the students to create a similar subject matter while I walk around helping and giving advice.

Class 1: Basic skills

(Can be taken privately if you sign up for class after June 4th. A must for beginners)
June 4, 2024
-Discuss basic watercolor materials and tools (paper, brushes, paint).
-We will “play” with different watercolor techniques such as wet on wet, dry on wet.
-Blend and mix colors.
-Use different brushes to understand how they work.
-Practice painting tight with detail and loose to see what the brush and paint do on their own.
-Spend a few minutes at the end of the class to look at the work of other and discuss.


Class 2: Wood Grain
June 11, 2024
-Bring in a photo of a dock, log, wood floor, plank - anything with a grain.


Class 3: Glass
June 18, 2024
-Bring a photo which includes a glass bottle, drinking glass


Class 4: Metal
June 25th, 2024
-Bring a photo which includes a metal bowl, vehicle, bicycle, motorcycle - something shiny that
picks up the reflection around it.


Class 5: Fruits and Vegetables
July 2, 2024
-Bring a photo which includes fruits and/or vegetables in it.


Class 6: Plants
July 9, 2024
-Bring a photo of your favorite plant, palm tree, tree, flower with leaves.


Class 7: Water
July 16, 2024
-Bring a photo with a body of water like the ocean, bay, river, pool. It should have some ripples
or patterns in it.


Class 8: Seashells and Rocks
July 23, 2024
-Bring a photo of seashells or rocks (river rocks, pebbles). You may also choose a crustacean
(crab or lobster).


Class 9: Woven texture (basket)
July 30, 2024
-Bring a photo of a basket, woven hat or the like with a woven texture.

Class 10: Clouds
August 6, 2024
-Bring a photo which includes a sky with some clouds.


Class 11: Animal Fur or Feathers or Scales
August 13, 2024
-Bring a photo of your favorite animal. It can be furry, have feathers, or scales. I think an animal
in the sun and shade makes the best painting.


Class 12: Flowers

August 20, 2024

-Bring a photo of a flower or a bunch of flowers. 

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