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At Suntan Art Center, we offer a variety of Workshops for every level of artist. Check out our latest offerings.

Make and Take Enamel Jewelry Experience 

Instructor: Doug D'Souza

Saturday, 10:00am - 1:00pm
July 27, 2024 
$80 per person - supplies included
Space is limited so sign up today!

GOAL: Each participant will create and take home one pendant with artwork using black glass paint and transparent colors on a white background.

What you will learn:

  • Introduction to enameling (brief explanation of the process)

  • Participants get one pre domed and counter enameled pendant (choice of 3 shapes) participants sift white enamel on the domed part of the pendant. Instructor fires pieces in the kiln. After pieces have cooled down, this process is repeated.

  • Sifting enamel (grains of colored glass) onto the copper pendant and fusing it in a kiln at 1450° f

  • Drawing with artwork using black glass paint on a white pendant using a dipping pen or brush and special glass paint. Adding transparent colored enamels (choice of 3) to their final design.

Who Should Participate:

No prior experience is necessary.

Having the ability to draw or doodle would be helpful.

All materials and tools are provided by the instructor.

Silver Metal Clay Pendant Workshop 

Instructor: Gilded Gem Studio

Sunday, 2:30pm - 5:30pm
July 28, 2024 

$150 per person - supplies included
Space is limited so sign up today!

Must sign up online

Join us for our Silver Metal Clay Pendant Workshop where you will recieve 10g of Silver Clay - enough for 2 pendants - and all the tools needed to create truly one of a kind pieces!


About Metal Clay:

Silver metal clay is a manufactured material made using recycled silver particles, an organic plant-based binder to bind the particles together and some water. This material can be moulded, shaped and textured. It is then put on a heated surface to dry and fired using a jewellers torch. The result is a piece of metal of hallmark quality!

Painting with Spirit 

Instructor: Paul Portal

Thursdays August 1, 8 and 15th

10:00am to 1:00pm


Cost to participate: $80.00 per class

All materials included

Join St. Petersburg artist Paul Wesley Portal for a unique 3-hour workshop in acrylic painting to connect you with your inner creativity and experience Art as part of a Mind / Body wellness practice. You will produce an original dynamic work of art with a personal meaning.

Each 3-hour session will cover the following topics --


  • Introduction to the spiritual aspect of art

  • Basic Color Theory / Palette layout and mixing practice on canvas paper

  • The Feeling Wheel / emotions and how they relate to color

  • Canvas Preparation and Process

  • Approach to Intuitive Painting / Basic composition / focal points/ energy and flow

  • Guided breathing exercise and meditation to promote relaxation and focus

  • Free Painting for students to express themselves in creative play with individual guidance

  • Wrap up and Invitation to Deeper Study


You can see more of Paul’s work on Instagram @ pwportal_art

Screenshot 2024-07-11 at 2.08.11 PM.png
Abstract Art Class

Instructor: Blue Eye Quenn

Wednesday, 10:00am - 12:00pm
August 14th Workshop
$45 per person

Supplies Needed:
12 “ x 12” canvas or larger
Non Toxic Acrylics
Paint Brushes or Palette knife

Step into the realm of creativity with our two-hour abstract art class, where we will explore the enchanting beauty of sunsets inspired by imagination. In this session, we invite you to join us as we delve deep into the realms of the mind to create stunning abstract representations of sunsets.

Abstract art offers a unique canvas for personal expression and exploration. Through this class, you will learn techniques to capture the essence of a sunset using vibrant colors, dynamic shapes, and evocative textures. Guided by our experienced instructor, you will be encouraged to unleash your creativity and interpret the beauty of a sunset through your own unique lens.

No prior experience is necessary – this class is open to beginners and seasoned artists alike. Whether you're looking to unwind, explore a new artistic style, or simply enjoy a creative escape, our abstract art class promises a fulfilling and inspiring experience.

Join us as we embark on a journey of imagination and creativity, and discover the joy of expressing the ineffable beauty of sunsets in abstract form. 

Let your imagination soar and your brushes dance across the canvas as we bring the magic of sunset-inspired abstract art to life.

Intro to Encaustics

Instructor: Shelley Jean

Saturday, September 7 
10am - 4pm
$165 members
$185 non-members 
Supplies included

Students will leave with multiple pieces of art utilizing a variety of techniques that we will be experimenting with. All Materials supplied.

Encaustic painting is the process of painting with hot pigmented beeswax. This technique is ancient, but has become increasingly popular with modern artists of today. Come delve into the versatility of this fascinating medium that invites you to experiment! Participants will learn about encaustic history, safety, surfaces, and fusing. In this comprehensive class we will be exploring a variety of techniques such as incising, image transfers, pigment sticks, mark-making, collage and mono-printing. All skill levels welcome!

Shelley Jean is a contemporary abstract artist, specializing in encaustic. She holds a B.S. from USF in Art Education and has taught in the public and private sector for over 35 years. She hosts Encaustic Art for The Soul Retreats nationally and internationally in Asheville, North Carolina, New Mexico's Ghost Ranch, Hawthorne, Florida and Tuscany Italy. She is the founder and President of Florida Wax, a Chapter of International Encaustic Artists and an Artist Instructor for R&F Paints.

2024_Summer at Suntan_FB.png
Treasure Island Art Guild and Suntan Portrait Workshop

Fridays from 9:15am to 12pm 

June thru August 

Second floor studio at Suntan Art Center

Members $10
Non-Members $13
Paid in cash at class time

Each week a model will be provided 
Walk-ins welcome
Instructor: Eric Jacobsen
October 25, 26 and 27th
Three All-day workshops starting at 10:00 am
Total Cost $450.00
Reserve Your Spot - $150
Workshop Balance - $300
*We need 10 people to register and reserve a spot to make the class! 

Painting Workshop with Eric Jacobsen. Loosen up your style and paint expressive landscapes. This workshop is for students of all levels, beginner through advanced. Join award winning artist and popular instructor, Eric Jacobsen for this workshop. This workshop is for oil and acrylics. We will focus on the fundamentals of good painting as it relates to landscape painting. We will cover the following topics: Composition, Value, Design, Choosing a Motif, Identifying and mixing accurate Warm and Cool Colors, Establishing a Focal Point as well as Tips and Do’s and Don’ts for the Landscape Painter to consider. The workshop will be complete with informal lectures, instructor demos.Please sign up and join Eric for an informative and enjoyable workshop experience.

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