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At Suntan Art Center, we offer a variety of Workshops for every level of artist. Check out our latest offerings.

Creative Resin-ations
Resin Art Workshop
It's a Colorful Splash of Fun!

Instructor: Brigitte Miner
Saturday from 10:00am - 12:00pm
April 20, 2024
$66.00 per person
(all materials included)
  • During this workshop you’ll learn about resin, pigments, tools & different techniques to decorate a serving board

  • All supplies are included

  • You choose 3 resin pigment colors for your design

  • A live demonstration is provided explaining the use of safety, tools &  resin art techniques.    

  • Then you will apply the learned techniques onto your serving board choosing your own design and 3 pigment colors.

  • Brigitte will assist you with one-on-one guidance and suggestions.

  • Fee $66 Per person  

  • 11” x 15” Bamboo board or 16” x 13” Round Serving Board (Based on supplier availability)  

  • The board is left overnight to cure. They may be picked up during the next business hours or the time designated by the host.

  • The resin is VOC Free and food safe when Cured

  • Advanced reservations required

Creative Resin-ations
Let's Light Up Your Night!

Instructor: Brigitte Miner
Saturday from 1:00pm - 3:00pm
April 20, 2024
$49.00 per person
(all materials included)
  • You choose the nightlight design & keep the molds to use again!

  • In this workshop you will create 2 decorated night light covers using 4-inch resin molds

  • An array of supplies will be provided: Crushed, stained and fire glass, vitrigraph, seashells, sand, trinkets, baubles & dried flowers. Or, bring your own treasures.

  • Examples will be provided along with one-on-one guidance.

  • Next, you will measure, stir & pour the resin into the molds to secure the design.

  • The two molds will be kept overnight to cure. You may pick up your resin art during the next business day or the designated time

  • Included are: Two nightlights with brackets to attach your decorated light covers

  • You may keep the molds for another resin art project.   

  • Fee - $47 Per person

  • The resin is 100% VOC Free & food safe when cured.  

  • Advanced reservations required.


Instructor: Brigitte Miner
Join us to create the newest thang in art projects but with a resin twist for a more vibrant lamp!
Saturday from 10:00am - 12:30pm
April 27, 2024

Two Lamps to choose from:
  • Swan/Gooseneck – 14.5 inches high - $99.00 PP 
  • Table – 11 inches high - $89.00 PP
  • During this 2.5 hour class you will create a mosaic design on a glass globe

  • There's a template you may follow with an array of mosaic colors as shown in the picture

  • After the design is completed, you’ll add a thin overlay of resin.

  • No chalky plaster grout for us.  We will get our resin on for a glossy vibrant finish!

  • All Supplies are provided

  • You may bring the lamp & mosaic designed glass globe home with you to finish curing.

  • Reservations in advance are required.

  • Only paid attendees may be present during the workshop

  • Suitable for children 12 y.o.+ with an accompanying parent.    

Charm Bracelet and Earrings

Instructor: Irina Kovalenko

Wednesday, 3:00pm - 5:00pm
July 10, 2024 
July 17, 2024
$65.00 per person
supplies included

Dive into the fascinating world of jewelry-making in this hands-on workshop. Learn the art of creating beach-inspired bracelets and earrings. Get creative as you explore various techniques, beads, charms, jewelry findings and colours to handcraft unique and personalized jewelry pieces.

  • During this workshop you will learn how to create a charm bracelet and matching earrings with a variety of beads and beach-inspired charms. This is a great class for beginners, no prior experience required.

  • Tools, beading techniques and different design approaches will be introduced. A live demonstration will be provided showing how to use jewelry-making tools and to work with chains, beads, charms and jewelry findings.

  • A variety of beads and charms will be provided; you will choose 2-3 different bead kinds and a variety of shells and/or beach-inspired charms for your bracelet and earring designs.

  • Then you will apply the learned techniques in making your bracelet and earrings. Irina will assist you with one-on-one guidance and suggestions.

  • Fee of $65 per person, all supplies are included. Advanced reservations are required.

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