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You'll find a little bit of everything original in our Boutique, all handcrafted from local artists.  We can't wait to meet you.



"Each one of my paintings is a liberating experience, of impulse and judgement, an energetic expression of my spiritual essence that intersects and mixes with the colors of my life, the past and the world around us..."

Adriana L. Adam "Xuun"

Local artist living and working in Pinellas County, FL. Her inspiration is drawn from the allure and engird of the natural world.  An Expressionist, her paintings are representations of her subject, interpreted into pared down elements of color, shape , and lights. "I love the steady rhythmic tumbling of waves. It gives me a feeling of well being."

Ellen Dargin-Knapp

Laurie is best known for her detailed wildlife paintings.  Born in Port Washington, NY, she is a fine arts graduate from Trinity university in San Antonio, TX.  Her affection for wildlife and attention to detail in her paintings has brought her International recognition as an award winning published artists. Specializing in very realistic paintings over the years, Laurie has developed her own techniques of painting on canvas and polished stone. Moments in time disappear from our view, but that moment captured on canvas through Laurie's Artistic eye will last forever.

Laurie Themm Walker

Art is a means to create and share a contemplative and spiritual vision of the world around us.   Growing up in rural Florida instilled a deep and abiding reverence and awe for nature.    Working in acrylic on canvas, this sensibility enlightens an expressive depiction of the environment and its natural forces.

Light, color and mood are the central elements of the work.   The art is a synthesis of personal feelings, compositional themes, and an atmosphere of place.    The process is an exploration of the interplay between colors and forms to capture the memory of a fleeting moment in time.    The goal is to manifest a unique interpretation and celebration of our spiritual connection to the natural world and its beauty.

Paul Wesley Portal

Terri ha won numerous awards for her painting with art associations in Florida.  Terri's paintings can be found in many other collectors in Canada and the United States.

Terri Leonard

Bill Castleman’s plein-air,on-location
paintings on canvas capture his love
for his native Florida landscape.
Born in Pensacola, Florida in 1940,
Bill has been an artist most of his
adult life. After serving as a technical
illustrator for the U.S. Marine Corps,
Bill went on to study at the renowned
Ringling School of Art and Design in
Sarasota, Florida graduating with a
certificate in design and illustration.
He worked in aerospace and advertising
before he began a teaching career that
spanned 25 years until retirement.
Now a full-time artist, Bill’s work marries
his talent and energy with his enthusiasm
for the outdoors.
His characteristic deft touch with his oil
paintings imbues each scene with a
freshness and vitality that invites the
viewer to return time and again.
Bill’s work can be found at the madeby
gallery in Sarasota. Paintings may also be
seen at Rumfish Grille Gallery St. Pete Beach.
Bill Castleman

Bill Castleman

Jan Jessee

Jodi Watkins

My name is Makaila Renee residing right here in beautiful St Pete Beach. I am an oil painter from Ohio specializing in landscape paintings. I graduated from Kent State University with a bachelors degree in Studio arts with a concentration in painting. I am currently a graduate student at cedar crest college seeking a masters degree in art therapy with a certification in substance abuse and addiction treatment. When I was little, I fell in love with the ocean and the sunsets. I loved the colors in the sky and the reflection on the water. The very first image I ever attempted to paint was a beach landscape. I thought that maybe someday I would be able to move to the beach and see those sceneries in person and create the beautiful images onto a canvas, sharing that with others. I did exactly that and I am very thankful.

Makaila Zelin

Dan Kurant

Mixed media 3D Nautical Acrylic paintings - Mosaics - Acrylic Painted Screens

Denise Bowie

I've Always loved art and painted for most of my life. As most artists know that doesn't necessarily pay the bills.  Thus, I became a lawyer and spent 27 years practicing law in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.  Upon retirement I was able to pursue my passion again.  I am a snowbird and spend my winters in Florida.  There, I find I'm influenced by the ocean, the beach and the native sea life which abounds both above and below the water.  In the summer, while in the beautiful Okanagan Valley, I love to paint the scenery, the lake and the native flora and fauna.  I predominately paint in the water colour and alcohol ink, however, I have done a few pieces in oil and acrylic.  You can find my work on display in the suntan Art Center.

Jannine LeMere

PATRICK WARD; 202-309-2930;
Patrick Ward was born in Washington, DC in 1947. He graduated grade school and high school in the city, and earned two engineering degrees from the University of Maryland. He served in the U.S. Navy as a Lieutenant deployed on nuclear submarines. He worked as a nuclear safety and regulatory engineer for 45 years, thereafter. Before and during Patrick’s lengthy regulatory and nuclear engineering career, he always had watercolor sets, with brushes and paints at hand, and did pictures for family members and friends, but only did handful of paintings per year.

Patrick Ward

mixed media pieces (primarily acrylic). Usually "knock your socks off" abstracts, or women with "attitude."

Sara Mallory Harned

Painting in Florida is so therapeutic for me.  Gazing into the colors of the lush seascapes here in St. Petersburg gives me energy and the light here is so intense that there is always a great source of color-play with shadows.  The clouds, waves and water provide a never ending source of inspiration through color, shape and line.  Every evening sunset provides a new combination that I can't wait to get on canvas.

Vanda Sucheston Hughes





Pile of Golden Jewelry

Amie Robbins

Pile of Golden Jewelry

Fran Sims

Pile of Golden Jewelry

Shelli Hemans

Pile of Golden Jewelry

Lisa Jameson

Pile of Golden Jewelry

Doug D'Souza

Pile of Golden Jewelry

Lois Lewis



Pile of Golden Jewelry

Jessica Carrillo

Pile of Golden Jewelry

Sandy Tatro

Pile of Golden Jewelry

Daphine Dial

Pile of Golden Jewelry

Joanne Osborne/Yanina Salas

Pile of Golden Jewelry

Megan Fetter




Pile of Golden Jewelry

Constance Nye

Pile of Golden Jewelry

Jim Jeansonne

Pile of Golden Jewelry

Suzy Dross

Pile of Golden Jewelry

Linda Busch

Pile of Golden Jewelry

Svletlana Peisch

Pile of Golden Jewelry

Dwight Ferguson

Pile of Golden Jewelry

Ellen Schneider

Pile of Golden Jewelry

Gerard "Jerry" Distefano

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