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Particularly captivated by birds, their primal essence.  Spent a lot of time observing them in their environment and with each other.  Watching them protect their territory, build their nests, sit on their eggs, feed their hatchlings and teach the babies to fly...pure joy.  It is nearly impossible to paint a bird  as exquisite as the real one, but my goal is to capture the essence of their spirit and share their life experiences.

Barbara Fallenbaum

Painting in Florida is so therapeutic for me.  Gazing into the colors of the lush seascapes here in St. Petersburg gives me energy and the light here is so intense that there is always a great source of color-play with shadows.  The clouds, waves and water provide a never ending source of inspiration through color, shape and line.  Every evening sunset provides a new combination that I can't wait to get on canvas.

Vanda Sucheston Hughes

I studied art and art history at Florida State and George Washington Universities, as well as different art leagues around the country.  But until I retired I never fully dedicated myself to painting.   Being part of the St. Petersburg  art community has been inspirational and provided new opportunities to exhibit my work.   I have been accepted into Acrylic Painters USA Annual Juried show multiple times and have won prizes in the Suntan Art Center Member shows.  I am currently represented at Suntan Art Gallery.  

I work in acrylics and mixed media    My paintings are vividly and imaginatively colored.    Most of my paintings are figurative, either animal or human.
I divide my time between western PA and FL and have studios in both locations so that I can always be creating.

Cynthia Cooper

Painter: acrylic, watercolor, and oil in an Impressionistic style featuring Oceans and 

Ellen Dargin-Knapp

imagination , nature

Mirella Cimato

Pile of Golden Jewelry

Carrie Freitag

Pile of Golden Jewelry

Doug D'Souza







Pile of Golden Jewelry

Denise Bowie

Pile of Golden Jewelry

Cynthia Cooper

Pile of Golden Jewelry

Sara Mallory Harned



Pile of Golden Jewelry

Ellen Schneider

Pile of Golden Jewelry

Mary Penny Johnson